2018 Staging Statistics

A survey was done recently that showed home staging increased the value of the home by a minimum of 6% all the way up to 25%.  Also noted is that staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes.  Neither of these statements are new to home stagers.  We’ve known since the word “staging” was coined, that that is the case.  My statistics from Premiere Stagers & Realty bears this out as well.

Under Contract

This house was under contract in three days and for $26K over asking.  The home seller can confidently say they did everything they could to enhance their greatest asset, including vacant staging.  They hired a crew to fix any code issues, replaced some interior doors, refinished the wood floors, painted, and carpeted the lower level. They de-cluttered, cleaned, and donated items.  They trimmed bushes, placed flower pots around the entry and on the back deck.  They left the exterior front door light on at night. And, they hired an eXp Realtor.

Under Contract in a Week

This house had sat on the market for 6 weeks before the realtor called Premiere Stagers & Realty requesting an occupied staging.  The homeowners were skeptical, but thankfully on board with furniture re-positioning and removal.

Just one week later, the house was under contract.  From the homeowner:  “Wanted to let you know we have an accepted offer on the house.  Thanks for your help!”

Under Contract in Two Days

After one Open House, this house was under contract in two days.  The owners diligently de-cluttered, cleaned, and staged in order to get the most value possible.  It sold for $5K over asking.


You are leaving money on the table by not staging your house before listing it.  You wouldn’t sell a car without cleaning and detailing it.  So why would you put your house on the market in less than ideal condition?

If you want to know where to start, perhaps a staging consultation is what you might need.  Take the first step and contact Premiere Stagers & Realty:  608-345-9396.