The spring and early summer property listing frenzy is behind us.  Premiere Stagers & Realty had 6 houses staged during this time period.  Two houses were sold and de-staged, and two other houses were staged and put on the market.  In the last couple of weeks, 4 houses have sold and now need to be de-staged, two of them scheduled for the same day.

There is usually a lull during the month of August for some reason–perhaps due to vacations or getting ready for school.  Sometimes sellers want to “test the market” for 60 days before paying for staging.  However, statistics show that staged houses sell faster and for more money than un-staged houses.  Therefore, a seller needs to make the best first impression possible, no matter what the market or the season.

Sold House #1

The seller told me they had been trying to sell this condo for two years.  Premiere Stagers & Realty staged it in mid-March and it sold 3-1/2 months after staging.  I wonder how much the carrying costs were for those months when it was not staged.

This long dining room had a niche and hallway running through it.  It might have been confusing as to what to place here.

A solution was to add a buffet and hang art from the screen, out of the way of the hallway.

All three bedrooms had bathrooms attached. Since this bedroom was immediately off the living room, it made sense to make it into an office.

Sold House #2

This house also was not staged from the beginning.  It had sat vacant for far too long before staging.  It was staged last fall, but due to the holidays and Wisconsin winters, there wasn’t much traffic until this spring.

The goal was to choose furniture and accessories to complement the green, golden yellow, and purple wall colors.  The seller later decided to paint over the Tuscan murals in the bathrooms.  The house sold soon thereafter.  Because this is a large house, prospective buyers would rather have “on-trend” wall colors than have to hire a painter before they move in.

House #3

This house was staged before being on the market and sold within 45 days.  It is new construction in the farmhouse style.  Premiere Stagers & Realty has worked with the listing realtor before. He understands staging a vacant house can bring more value, thus selling it faster.

Sold House #4

The seller did all they could to maximize the value of this house.  The money they spent on getting the house ready to sell was recouped—-and then some, when it sold only 3 days later.  It was de-staged in just over a month after staging.

The “moral of the stories” is to position yourself in the best possible way to ensure a quick and good sale of your property.  To do that, make sure your house makes a great first impression.  Statistics do show the first groups of prospective buyers (within 1-3 weeks) are the ones most interested in your property and are likely to provide a good offer if they can make an emotional connection to it.

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