Cell phone cameras can take some great photos of your family, friends, vacation spots, and selfies.  However, when it comes to real estate photos, should you hire a professional?

See for yourself.

Cell phone photo just captured the basic view of the house.

Pro Photo captured a more alluring view of the house.

Cell Phone:  Lens does not have a wide enough view of this room.

Pro Photo:  The use of a wide-angle includes the entirety of the room without distortion.

Cell Phone:  The angle is wrong and the lighting is dull.

Pro Photo:  Wow, if this is the foyer, the rest of the house must be gorgeous!

Kodak V705

Years ago I had a Kodak V705 dual lens camera. This camera took great photos of smaller rooms because the dual lens acted like a wide-angle lens.  However, after many years of usage, one of the gears broke and I couldn’t get a replacement since Kodak went out of business.  I tried two other digital cameras, but no other manufacturer made a dual lens.  I would have had to carry around a camera bag with an extra lens, which was cumbersome for me.

Dual Lens Cell Phones

Now, some of the new cell phones do have an option for a dual lens.  In fact there are 16 different models  (i-phone, Samsung, LG) that offer a dual lens.  One is on my Christmas list.  But will I stop paying for professional photos?  Absolutely not.  A professional photographer knows how to take the right photo to capture the right mood.  Some people just have that artistic flair.  Just as I wouldn’t expect just anyone to stage a room appropriately, I know I cannot do as good of a job taking photos as a professional.  They are worth their reasonable fee, especially when they use photo-enhancing software to make each photo its best.

MLS Photos

If you are trying to sell your house, why not use a professional to take the MLS photos?  The goal is to entice people to take time to look at the property.

Does this photo (taken off the MLS) entice someone to come take a look?  Use a professional.