Staging to Sell Class

I teach a two-session home staging class at Madison College (f/k/a/ MATC) a few times per year.  My outline includes furniture layout, size and scale of furniture and accessories, paint colors, and problem-solving each student’s situation.  I enjoy meeting people who are interested in home staging to make their home more efficient for them or for the next owner.

Each time, someone remarks that it must be fun staging other people’s homes.  While I freely admit I love doing it and seeing the end result, staging is more involved than “fluffing pillows” and re-arranging items.

Sometimes during a consultation, I come across rooms that are definitely not ready to be staged.  I then recommend a professional organizer to help the homeowner.

Stories from Other Stagers

Like me, most stagers really love their jobs.  However, take a look at some unusual difficulties that can sour the day.

  1.  “Just walked in to de-stage a property. It was a lived-in property; total disrespect for my staging items. They started using the place like no staging ever existed. My towels are buried under their used towels and nasty undergarments, my dining table place-mats and plates are buried under their food, sippy cups and bibs; my decorative pillows are “tossed”! I took pictures of everything as I walked room-by-room and sent them to the agent.  All he could say was “sorry, don’t know what to say.”  Yikes, I’m pulling my hair right now.”

[Note: Premiere Stagers & Realty does not rent items for an occupied staging. However, I am happy to consult where to place their furniture and accessories plus suggest small items to be purchased, if need be.]

2.  “New movers severely damaged a property while de-staging. I’m having my contractor fix everything but is there something I can do extra to keep a good relationship with the agent who hired us. So embarrassing!”

3.  “How do you get contractors and home inspectors to STOP wearing their shoes in staged houses? Shouldn’t this be common sense? But, no. Please Mr. Contractor, go ahead and tread your muddy boots all over my white rug. This is the third muddy rug in three months!”

4.  “Home Staging: Perhaps the only industry where homeowners and realtors expect you to lower your rates so you can help them make more money. There’s a serious disconnect here….”

5.  “We had a client cancel 2 days prior to staging. She had specifically requested furniture that we did not have and we spent a lot of money buying new furniture (a style that we will use, but would not have bought at that time) . We received a 2-sentence note from the realtor saying that “she has gone in a different direction.”

6.  “Damn… someone broke into my vacant staged property and cleaned me out! Also took owners’ 19’ boat & tractor/backhoe.”

If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life

While there are other stories about staging around pets, or during rain, ice, or snow storms, or properties not being ready to stage, there are many wonderful stories of stagers helping people sell their homes for more money in less time.  I share these success stories with my students and show “before and after” photos.  I also tell them it is so much fun to find just that perfect item for a staging job.  Every job has its rewards and difficulties.  The key is to make lemonade out of lemons.

Premiere Stagers & Realty would love to help you with your staging or selling/buying needs.  Call 608-345-9396