The question comes up every time a homeowner wishes to sell their house.  What should I do to get my house ready to sell?  There are very few times a homeowner should sell their house in “as is” condition.  You will leave significant money on the table.  However, sometimes it is very necessary to do so.  But in the majority of cases, every homeowner can do small repairs or updates to gain more value.  But, how much should you do?

After all the decluttering and cleaning is done, you should fix those things that are determined to get you to closing.  If you don’t fix them, the buyer will deduct twice as much from their offer as what it would cost to fix them, because they will add on the “cost of inconvenience.”

Needed Repairs

If your landscaping is not cleaned up, buyers cannot visualize themselves sitting on the patio.

If paint colors are taste-specific, buyers will need to expend their time and money to change them.

If your light fixtures are outdated or your bulbs burnt out, it is simple to change them out.

Don’t forget about your local building codes.  For example, if there are basement bedrooms, be mindful of the height to window requirement. In this case, a step needed to be provided.

Broken glass always needs to be taken care of right away.  Not only is it a safety issue, but in this case, the door glass should have been tempered.

How much is too much?

All of the above repairs were simple and inexpensive to fix.  Plus these repairs netted the sellers the most value.  The best case scenario is to make repairs as they are needed.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine how far you should go to get your house ready to sell.  Should you update the kitchen and bathrooms?  Should you re-roof?  Should you purchase new appliances?  Should you buy new furniture?  The cost of items do not necessarily equate the value of that item.  Meaning, if you update your kitchen and/or bathrooms, you will not get the full cost back when you sell.  However, if you do the updates some years before you decide to sell, you get to enjoy the benefits of those updates.

Your home stager can consult on the best way to position your possessions to make a great impression.  Your real estate agent can compare your home with others in your area and give you a market analysis on features that will make your house more attractive.  If you choose Premiere Stagers & Realty, they can do both!  Please contact them at 608-345-9396 for your market analysis.