Transitions can be hard on families.  When a job change requires you to pack up your household and drive across country, there are bound to be bumps in the road.  The homeowners didn’t even get a chance to enjoy their brand new sunroom, as it was finished just before I staged it.

Before the moving truck comes, you need to decide what to move, sell, donate, or toss.  Then in addition, you consult with a stager and/or realtor to determine what you need to do to get the house in the best possible condition.  For this house, that meant new paint throughout.

Sorting, packing, and loading was happening when I viewed the house for my staging proposal. A known statistic is  only 10% of the population can visualize what a room would look like minus the current owners’ belongings.  Home Stagers are amongst those that can look beyond the chaos and propose an inventory of furniture and accessories to maximize the potential of a sale.

After the moving van pulled away and the cleaners completed their work, Premiere Stagers & Realty transformed this lovely house into a home buyers might find irresistible.

Formal Dining Area

Kitchen & Informal Dining

Master Bedroom

The owners had sold their bedroom furniture and were temporarily storing items to be packed.

After the move, the master was then returned to its intended function.

Transitions Can be Stressful

Home is where you feel secure, in control, and a part of your surroundings.  Our homes become places where we put down memories: where your children grew up  and went to school;  where you painted, repaired, or remodeled to fit your needs.  Our homes reflect who we are. Thus, when we decide to move, there are a lot of decisions to make:  finding a realtor, determining the price, finding a new house in another state, financial obligations, packing and loading, then unloading and unpacking, etc.  No wonder people say that moving is one of the major stresses in one’s life.

However, moves can be events to look forward to.  Perhaps you are moving toward your dream job, to an exciting new city, or to be closer to family.  Perhaps you will learn a new language or a new culture.  You take your memories with you.  And, with the internet, your friends can easily stay connected and visit you in your new surroundings.

Embrace new experiences and new events.  Contact Premiere Stagers & Realty for a smooth transition.  608-345-9396