Usually, traditional homes are near the city center and newer homes skirt the city boundaries as the city grows.  Most of the time I use transitional items for vacant stagings.  However, buyers who prefer traditional homes naturally prefer traditional furniture and accessories.

I have found traditional houses can be a little quirky. Each room has four walls and a specific purpose–no “open concept” living. The kitchen is typically “sequestered” at the back of the house so as not to disturb the rest of the family.  The only bathroom is on the second floor.  There are wall niches or corner built-ins for fine china.  The flooring is usually small tiles or hardwoods throughout. The fireplaces are wood-burning.

But what I tend to find the most is when a previous homeowner decided to do some upgrades without a whole-house design plan.  Every good design starts with a plan of how that space will affect the remaining spaces. Meaning, is it really an upgrade when a kitchen remodel uses the same footprint as the original?  Or, if you remove a wall separating two bedrooms to make one giant room, you have a left side and a right side of a large room with the door in the middle.  Perhaps moving the door might have been a better idea.

Dining Room

The formal dining room is quite large.  The walls are stucco so no nail holes were permitted, which is fine.  The long piece of artwork leans on the fireplace mantle to give some color.

The other side of this room can be an area to have a quiet conversation or do some reading. The open screen holds some wall art and the built-in wall shelving can hold glassware for the wine cart.

Living Room

The living room is full of natural light so I positioned a mirror on the fireplace mantel to reflect the light.  I used easels with larger art pieces to flank the TV-viewing niche. Yellow was used as a “color thread” to make each room flow.

Kitchen/Informal Dining

The kitchen is nicely updated with tall cabinets, a large gas stove, and double ovens. Breakfast can be served on the bar or at the dinette table.

Traditional Style

Traditional homes will always be in style.  They have stood the test of time. They are not interested in the latest fads of barn door openings, decorative shiplap, or full open-concept great rooms.  Yes, they can be remodeled wisely if you remember to design with the whole-house in mind.

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