I have been working with a buyer couple who don’t have location restrictions.  They just want a single-family house they can afford in a decent neighborhood for a reasonable price.  Sounds like what most people want.  However, when it comes to actually choosing a house, an emotional connection is what they are waiting for.  They just haven’t connected with a house yet.  This is where a home stager/realtor can become helpful.

Not only is it my job to search through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and other venues, based upon their criteria, there are online tools they can use to check city/neighborhood statistics or demographics.  As a stager, I can suggest small changes such as a different paint color or where to position their furniture.  Or perhaps recommend widening a doorway or removing a wall if not load-bearing.  Sometimes I refer them to a home remodeler to get an estimate for an additional bathroom.

Buyers are Liars

An experienced realtor said what people think they want in a home isn’t necessarily what they will buy.  For example, I had a buyer who specifically wanted a ranch-style house, but after many one-story showings,  ended up finding a two-story they loved.   Another buyer didn’t want a fixer-upper, but ended up buying one because they loved the property around the house.  And yet another wanted a condo, but ended up with a duplex.  So, it’s important to extend the search to include different types of properties.

Buyers also want particular features they say are “must-haves,” but sometimes end up purchasing a house without those features. One buyer needed 3 bedrooms plus an office, but ended up buying a house that had a loft instead. Or, instead of a 2+ car garage, settled for a 1-car garage with a side parking space.  A basement egress window may transform a lower-level room into an additional bedroom.

Buyers Want Something Different

These buyers want to walk into a house and say “Wow!”  So far, that hasn’t happened.  However, there have been some nice features in homes that except for some deal-breakers, might have worked. Deal-breakers may include:  location, lack of an extra bathroom, no garage, not enough bedrooms, no basement, poor kitchen layout, too many needed updates, etc.

Here are some examples of homes that would have worked except for a deal-breaker:

Staging is Necessary

Even during this Sellers’ Market, it is necessary to stage your home.  You are likely to receive multiple offers and for a higher price then unstaged homes–which is statistically verified.  It is understandable many people have to live in their house while it is being sold, but I can tell you buyers want to see a neat and clean place, plus something that makes your house unique.  People cannot visualize what the room looks like with your stuff scattered around.  The first impression is a lasting impression that continues throughout the house.  Make it a good one.

Patience is Golden

The fall and winter season is still a good time to buy and/or sell a house.  People’s lives change for a variety of reasons and houses are bought during every month of the year.  It might take longer than usual to get that perfect-for-you house, but in the end it will be worth it.

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