2022 Building & Design Trends


As we begin to close out this year, we start to look forward to what the next year might bring.  It can be a time of  ditching the past and embracing the future. So, let's delve into some building and design trends that may influence your choices.   5 Home Design, Building Trends to [...]

2022 Building & Design Trends2021-11-30T18:40:51-06:00

Vacant Staging Times Two


Premiere Stagers & Realty staged a vacant house in an Oregon, Wisconsin subdivision. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a family room, a nice-sized fenced-in backyard, a two-car garage and an unfinished full basement.  It sold within days of listing. The Seller said they had another vacant house coming on the market, [...]

Vacant Staging Times Two2021-11-26T18:14:45-06:00

Vacant Staging Adds Money to Your Pocket


"Absolutely Beautiful" These were the words my client emailed me after I finished staging her vacant property.  I thought so too, but until someone else affirms it, you're never quite sure you "hit the mark." My client realizes in order to get top dollar, people need to make an emotional connection.   Staging helps them [...]

Vacant Staging Adds Money to Your Pocket2021-10-04T13:35:12-05:00

What Do Buyers Want?


I have been working with a buyer couple who don't have location restrictions.  They just want a single-family house they can afford in a decent neighborhood for a reasonable price.  Sounds like what most people want.  However, when it comes to actually choosing a house, an emotional connection is what they are waiting for.  [...]

What Do Buyers Want?2021-09-08T13:34:05-05:00

Four Square Staging


Mid August is when students of the University of Wisconsin move into and/or out of housing near the University. The homeowner of this old style house decided to list the house after the tenants moved out.  The owner knew the importance of cleaning, repairing, and painting before calling Premiere Stagers & Realty. Location, Location, [...]

Four Square Staging2021-08-20T14:58:26-05:00

Short Sales & Foreclosures


I recently earned a designation through the National Association of Realtors to be a Short Sales & Foreclosures Resource (SFR) agent.  So what is a short sale and how does it differ from a foreclosure? [Note: the following is not to be construed as legal advice] Short Sale A short sale is when a [...]

Short Sales & Foreclosures2021-06-28T20:19:57-05:00

A Garage Make-Over


It is advantageous and more valuable if a property has at least a one-car garage. The norm for homes built within the last 50 years is to have a two-car garage.  This property was built in 2002 and has a four-car garage.  One side is tandem with a higher garage door to store a [...]

A Garage Make-Over2021-06-09T15:27:21-05:00

Vacant Staging = Over-Asking


I recently worked with an investor couple on staging their vacant income property.  They knew they could get more money for the property if it was staged rather than left vacant.  However, we were surprised just how much over-list price an Offer came in at.  Yes, it is still a Seller's market, which means [...]

Vacant Staging = Over-Asking2021-04-07T13:27:46-05:00

What to Expect in a Seller’s Market


Because housing inventory is so low, there are a lot of buyers who have lost out on their next home even with strong offers.  Even cash offers, over-asking, short closing dates, and an inspection for educational purposes are being rejected.  So what can a real estate agent do? According to Cara Ameer of Inman, [...]

What to Expect in a Seller’s Market2021-03-09T13:18:04-06:00

Is it Tacky or Tawdry?


I came across a post about "tacky decorating" and wondered specifically what the author defines as "tacky."  The word "tacky" can mean slightly sticky, but in this case, the author means "in bad taste or of low quality." The word "tawdry" usually refers to a person's habits or dress; is defined as "cheap, gaudy, [...]

Is it Tacky or Tawdry?2021-01-22T13:20:56-06:00
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