Staging & Selling for the 2020 Housing Market


Virtual Staging Staging and selling houses in 2020 involves more technology than ever before.  For example, some realtors use virtual staging to showcase what a vacant property might look like with furniture.  Agents like this option because more than 90% of people use the internet to view properties.  Also, virtual staging is less expensive.  The [...]

Staging & Selling for the 2020 Housing Market2020-02-17T15:03:39-06:00

Alternate Home Loan Programs


You might not be aware of the many different home loan programs there are to help buyers purchase a home.  Most people just go to their local bank and start the application process.  However, there are other programs that may be of interest to you.  As a Wisconsin-licensed realtor with eXp Realty LLC, I [...]

Alternate Home Loan Programs2020-01-31T14:23:09-06:00

Rent v. Buy?


The question of whether to rent or buy a house frequently comes up in discussions with first-time homebuyers, as well as with empty nesters.  The answer is not a simple one.  There are many working parts and assumptions that go into a decision such as this. So let's start to make assumptions on a [...]

Rent v. Buy?2020-01-17T14:33:43-06:00

Real Estate in the New Decade


Crystal Ball As we enter into a new decade, predictions about real estate are being made by various brokerages across the U.S. Here are some of these predictions.  It will be a sellers' market for the first half of the decade; however, the latter half of the decade is likely to change to a [...]

Real Estate in the New Decade2019-12-26T15:31:44-06:00

Should you Sell to an iBuyer?


An iBuyer is a real estate investor or group who purchases your home for cash using automated valuation models. Different iBuyers use different formulas and criteria to determine the offer they will make on your home if it meets their buying criteria. These calculations take into consideration aspects of the house such as the [...]

Should you Sell to an iBuyer?2019-12-18T12:05:52-06:00

How to Price your Home to Sell


From: Pricing your home to sell is a process.  No two homes are exactly alike.  The agent looks at similar houses in your area and can do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) from two different sources such as their Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Realtors Property Resource (RPR).  However, until the agent goes [...]

How to Price your Home to Sell2019-12-11T12:46:32-06:00

Selling your House in Winter


Selling a House During Winter Holidays: Tips, Pros & Cons,  Houses sell in every season, but during the winter months, should you list your house or should you wait until spring? Winter is not the peak real estate season, but winter home sales are becoming more common.  According to Zillow research, 23 percent [...]

Selling your House in Winter2019-12-05T12:37:06-06:00

Do You Qualify?


I went on a consultation for a single person who needs to sell her home due to unforeseen medical issues.  Through no fault of her own, she was diagnosed with a debilitating disease that she is unlikely to recover from as there is no cure.  Due to this genetic disease, her whole life has [...]

Do You Qualify?2019-11-19T12:44:37-06:00

A Traditional Staged Home


Usually, traditional homes are near the city center and newer homes skirt the city boundaries as the city grows.  Most of the time I use transitional items for vacant stagings.  However, buyers who prefer traditional homes naturally prefer traditional furniture and accessories. I have found traditional houses can be a little quirky. Each room [...]

A Traditional Staged Home2019-11-06T11:25:28-06:00

Time to Refresh Your Home


I staged a vacant house where remodeling was recently completed.  However, the owners didn't get a chance to use this new space due to an unexpected job change to another state.  Plus, in order for their house to show well, they had the interior painted,  a new concrete slab poured, and landscaping done. Yes, [...]

Time to Refresh Your Home2019-10-29T12:56:20-05:00
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