Luxury Condo Vacant Staging

Downtown Condo Staging a luxury condo is just a little different than staging other vacant properties.  While all my stagings get the utmost attention to details, a luxury condo gets a few more items.  People expect to pay more for concierge services in a downtown condo, so when the door opens, they expect to [...]

Luxury Condo Vacant Staging2017-11-24T10:04:52-06:00

Realtor Listing Photos

An Investment For many people, their house is their most expensive investment.  When you want to sell this precious investment, it is only natural to expect to get more money than what you paid for it some years before.   The profit can be re-invested it into anything you want--whether it be a different house, [...]

Realtor Listing Photos2017-11-13T19:48:38-06:00

Purple is a Lovely Color

The Color Purple Purple is a lovely color.  The homeowners love purple so much they painted their bedroom purple, chose a purplish hue for their kitchen tile, adhered a purple-patterned wallpaper border, and purchased a purple sofa and two chairs.  But now it was time to down-size.  After some months of little interest, they [...]

Purple is a Lovely Color2017-10-23T19:45:55-05:00

A Re-Designed Living Room

Living Room This homeowner changed her living room furniture about 5 years ago.  She found some pieces she liked, but never really felt it was perfect.  That's what happens sometimes when we purchase items that are "good enough," at the time, but don't hit the target.  It's the same way with buying clothes. You [...]

A Re-Designed Living Room2017-10-09T19:04:46-05:00

Madison Alternate Parade of Homes

Historic Madison, Inc. Historic Madison, Inc.'s mission is to preserve the history of Madison, WI through publications and events.  One such annual event is the Alternate Parade of Homes.  Last week Madison's Eken Park Neighborhood (Ē-ken) sponsored the Parade.  This neighborhood is an east side community of small houses and apartments built primarily after [...]

Madison Alternate Parade of Homes2017-10-15T13:20:45-05:00

Sold – Sold – Sold!

Property #1 The homeowners of the mid-century modern house Premiere Home Stagers staged last week took some time to get the house ready before staging.  That meant de-cluttering, painting, replacing broken windows, re-surfacing the concrete, and replacing light fixtures.  It paid off.  Within 48 hours of listing, they accepted an offer.  De-staging will be [...]

Sold – Sold – Sold!2017-09-25T17:41:18-05:00

Mid-Century Modern Staging

What is mid-century modern design From:  What is Midcentury Modern Architecture, Really? by Dinah Eng, HGTV Flat planes. The geometric lines of the house are regular and rigorous. Flat roofs are common, though the modern ranch-style houses had gable roofs. Large windows. Sliding-glass doors and other expansive panes of glass allow light to enter rooms from [...]

Mid-Century Modern Staging2017-09-17T13:00:00-05:00

Moving the Model

Sold in 10 days! Last month, Premiere Home Stagers staged a model unit in an assisted living complex.  This unit had sat empty for 10 months.  The retirement living advisor asked her supervisor if they could hire a stager. The supervisor wasn't too keen on the idea, but thought it was worth a try. [...]

Moving the Model2017-08-27T16:22:21-05:00

From Sad to Sold in 2 Weeks

I have been staging for a realtor who understands the value of home staging.  I asked how business was going, to which the realtor said business was booming, in part due to staging.  I am happy to hear that, as I, of course, believe that home stagers are in business to help realtors and [...]

From Sad to Sold in 2 Weeks2017-08-14T19:49:05-05:00
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