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Condo on the Golf Course

Is the Grass Greener? This condo complex is on the north side of Madison, WI.  It boasts a community room, in-ground pools, indoor tennis courts, and a nice golf course.  The owners of this condo apparently loved the way the green grass looked that they carried that look indoors in their wall-to-wall carpet. [...]

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Luxury Condo Vacant Staging

Downtown Condo Staging a luxury condo is just a little different than staging other vacant properties.  While all my stagings get the utmost attention to details, a luxury condo gets a few more items.  People expect to pay more for concierge services in a downtown condo, so when the door opens, they expect to [...]

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Seeing Double

Condo #105 Condo #207 When developers are trying to sell their condos in a larger building, they ask a home stager to stage one of the models.  When that model sells, they have the stager move their items from the sold unit to another unit in the building [...]

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Assisted Living Staging

Statistics "Once you hit age 65, roughly the average retirement age, your odds of living for another decade or two is quite high. Men age 65 today have a 78% chance of living another 10 years, while women have an 85% chance, according to research from JPMorgan. The odds of a long life increase [...]

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October Condo Sales

  Thousands of homes sell in every month, but in Wisconsin, the majority of sales take place between March and October due to our cold, snowy winters, according to the Wisconsin Realtors' Association statistics.  It is much easier to pack up and load a moving van without having to deal with ice and snow. [...]

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Staging a Downtown Condo

  The real estate market in Madison, WI is robust.  Both single-family homes and condos are selling at a steady rate.  In August, 2016 there was a two-month supply of condos and a 1.8 month supply of single-family homes, according to South Central Wisconsin MLS.  So what sellers are doing is "testing the market," to [...]

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Staging for the View

  The view from this condo is lush green grass fairways. Staging this condo means one of the focal points is the view out the window. Living Area It made sense to bring the outdoors inside a bit by using a lush-green sofa with two easy chairs with a green and gray pattern. [...]

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Professional Home Staging

  It's been said that to be an expert at something you need to practice it over and over (not necessarily 10,000 hours.)  With this in mind, Premiere Home Stagers has nine years of "practicing" home staging on both vacant and occupied homes.  We are definitely experts. Living Room Before   Premiere Home Stagers [...]

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