Do You Qualify?

I went on a consultation for a single person who needs to sell her home due to unforeseen medical issues.  Through no fault of her own, she was diagnosed with a debilitating disease that she is unlikely to recover from as there is no cure.  Due to this genetic disease, her whole life has [...]

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Choosing Exterior Colors

Exterior Paint Colors Choosing an exterior paint color can affect your entire neighborhood.  There is usually a house in your neighborhood that everyone knows because of its garish exterior color.  Perhaps pink, purple, or neon colors.  You know the one.  You know it doesn't blend in with its surroundings. Which means it was the [...]

Choosing Exterior Colors2019-06-18T17:31:33-05:00

Renovations before Listing

Should you do renovations? During consultations, I always get asked what the homeowners should do in the way of renovations, updates, or upgrades before they list their house.  I wonder why they didn't do some of these beforehand for their own enjoyment.  Sometimes, however, they did enjoy their choices, but know that their choices [...]

Renovations before Listing2018-12-15T12:12:11-06:00

Occupied Staging v. Consult

Consultations Home stagers will perform consultations on your house as to items that need to be removed, items that should be re-positioned elsewhere, and where to place items in each room.  The stager will also make recommendations as to repairs, updates and paint colors.  They either charge an hourly rate or give a straight [...]

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Staging Consultation for Occupied House

  Once in a while Premiere Home Stagers comes across a house that doesn't need much advice to stage it. Photo from Listing Mostly I suggested removing a few items and then re-positioning a few items. Everything flowed well and the decor was especially pleasing to the eye. Photo from Listing [...]

Staging Consultation for Occupied House2017-01-07T21:10:19-06:00

Selling the Estate

  Being a home stager, I recommend most houses be staged.  However, some houses buck that trend.  For example, this house is being sold by the personal representative of the former homeowner who passed away. Living room The representative and other relatives had the daunting task of removing all the furniture and personal items [...]

Selling the Estate2017-01-07T21:04:13-06:00

Master Suite Make-Over

  The homeowners recently remodeled their master bathroom, and now turned their attention to the adjoining master bedroom. Bedroom Before The original style was traditional...dark cherry bedroom furniture, custom draperies with a cornice board, and a large matted painting over the headboard. Master Bedroom After The tall dresser was moved down [...]

Master Suite Make-Over2017-01-07T21:09:56-06:00

Make Your Home “Just Right”

  Premiere Home Stagers love working with previous customers because not only do we enjoy them, but we know they were pleased with the services received.  This time instead of staging to sell, we were called to make the new abode feel comfortable, cozy, and "just right."  She wanted us to choose which pictures and accessories [...]

Make Your Home “Just Right”2017-01-07T21:15:04-06:00

Relocation Staging Services

  A relative recently moved to a new area due to a job change.  This meant trying to figure out how to position their current furniture into a different house. Living Room This arrangement seemed to work best for the lovely view out the window, the fireplace, and the eventual entertainment built-in.  The [...]

Relocation Staging Services2017-01-07T21:21:36-06:00

An Efficient Re-Design

  Premiere Home Stagers does re-designs.  What is a re-design?  It is making your home more comfortable for YOU.  I received a phone call from a person who says she has no talent when it comes to choosing furniture and accessories for her home.  She had agreed to host a gathering within a few days [...]

An Efficient Re-Design2017-01-12T19:45:41-06:00
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