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Feng Shui Home Staging

How to: Use Feng Shui to sell your home By  Hailey Eisen (Style at Home) Set your intention "When I see a house that’s not selling, the first place I go to is the people," says Ingrid Hauck, an Ottawa-based Feng Shui consultant. It is necessary that everyone in the family is clearly intent on [...]

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Elderly House Odors

I went to an estate sale last week.  I didn't stay too long due to the odor. What Causes That "Old-Person Smell"? By Melanie Haiken, senior editor 1. Closed Quarters "Most older people's homes I go into have the heat on, the windows shut tight, the shades drawn, and the curtains pulled over the [...]

Elderly House Odors2017-02-17T10:34:39-06:00
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