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Home Staging an Occupied Property

My policy has always been NOT to stage an occupied property with my furniture and accessories, but to use whatever the homeowner has.  What could go wrong you say?  Plenty.  When someone is living in the house, you can't expect them not to use what is there.  Even if they promise to be careful, [...]

Home Staging an Occupied Property2022-08-04T14:46:53-05:00

Does Your Realtor Recommend Staging?

Premiere Stagers & Realty received a phone call from a condo owner asking about my staging services for her property that had been on the market for 52 days.  I viewed the condo with her realtor later that day.  The realtor told me he had never used a home stager nor recommended a home [...]

Does Your Realtor Recommend Staging?2019-04-09T13:55:39-05:00

Occupied Staging v. Consult

Consultations Home stagers will perform consultations on your house as to items that need to be removed, items that should be re-positioned elsewhere, and where to place items in each room.  The stager will also make recommendations as to repairs, updates and paint colors.  They either charge an hourly rate or give a straight [...]

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Best Laid Plans

Sometimes our best laid plans work out superbly, and other times the Universe has other plans.  Such was the case with this homeowner.  He specifically said he would not be listing his house for many months due to travel plans and the fact that a house he put an offer in didn't work out. [...]

Best Laid Plans2017-05-20T13:14:55-05:00

Staging Consultation for Occupied House

  Once in a while Premiere Home Stagers comes across a house that doesn't need much advice to stage it. Photo from Listing Mostly I suggested removing a few items and then re-positioning a few items. Everything flowed well and the decor was especially pleasing to the eye. Photo from Listing [...]

Staging Consultation for Occupied House2017-01-07T21:10:19-06:00

Home Staging Puzzle Pieces

  Premiere Home Stagers received a request for a staging consult for an occupied home.  The location was in a desirable neighborhood and the house had recently been updated. Living Room Before This is the first room one sees when entering the front door. Dining Room The dining room is directly [...]

Home Staging Puzzle Pieces2017-01-12T19:36:11-06:00

Remodel Specifications

  Premiere Home Stagers provides a number of services from the expected vacant and occupied staging to helping homeowners during their remodel process. Bathroom Addition In the photo above, a new addition was built that included a bathroom and closet space.  The homeowners asked for help in determining a color scheme and choosing [...]

Remodel Specifications2017-01-17T16:31:41-06:00

Home Staging an Occupied Condo

  When staging an occupied property, the stager uses the furniture and furnishings of the homeowner.  When items are missing or outdated, the stager requests the homeowner either borrow or purchase items that will help a prospective buyer visualize themselves in the property. Dining Room The homeowners did such a good job de-cluttering [...]

Home Staging an Occupied Condo2017-01-17T16:36:44-06:00

De-Stage in January?

Office Premiere Home Stagers staged a former storage area into this office a few months ago.  Increasing useable square footage increases your chances of a sale.  The condo sold in late December and was de-staged in early January.   Living Room Premiere Home Stagers staged this model unit in a retirement home to increase [...]

De-Stage in January?2017-01-17T16:38:59-06:00
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