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5 Tenets of Real Estate

Taken From:   "5 Immutable Laws of Real Estate," by Jay Thompson (Inman 2/13/19) There are various truths among society, e.g., Murphy's Law, Newton's Laws of Motion, Law of Supply and Demand.  There are also some tenets real estate agents are especially keen to. First law of real estate: It doesn’t matter what the neighbors’ [...]

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A Home Inspection Report

A Home Inspection Yes, you should have a home inspected by a licensed inspector after your Offer to Purchase has been accepted.  It is the buyers' responsibility to hire the inspector because they are paying for it.  The Offer or Addendum should contain a contingency for an inspection.  And, depending on where you live, [...]

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Renovations before Listing

Should you do renovations? During consultations, I always get asked what the homeowners should do in the way of renovations, updates, or upgrades before they list their house.  I wonder why they didn't do some of these beforehand for their own enjoyment.  Sometimes, however, they did enjoy their choices, but know that their choices [...]

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Selling a House with Pets

A condo I listed has a very friendly young dog. However, not all people like dogs, or other pets, for that matter.  What can you do to make your home selling experience better for you and for the potential buyer?  Get your pet groomed.  If  your pet has hair, a professional groomer can remove [...]

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What do Realtors Do?

Before getting my real estate license, I only had an inkling of what realtors do to help you sell or buy a property.  Take a look at what I've learned over the past year. 8 Things Realtors Do to Earn Their Keep By Craig Donofrio | Jan 5, 2016 Geri Lavrov/Getty Images Have you ever wondered what [...]

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Pros and Cons of Flat-Fee Listings

It appears the usual answer from full-service brokers regarding flat-fee listings are "you get what you pay for."  However, let's take another look. According to a San Diego Agent:  "A flat fee company is as good as the agent you have working for you. In many cases these agents are capable and diligent and [...]

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Spring Selling Season?

This is the view in my backyard this morning--mid-April in Wisconsin!  We are expecting another 2-4 inches tonight.  Where did spring go? Does this affect the buying and selling season?  You bet! When the weather advisories tell you to stay inside due to slippery road conditions, people heed this advice, especially on the week-ends. [...]

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Home Stager AND Realtor?

eXp Realty Well, I finally did it.  I've had my real estate salesperson license for 6 years, but was never associated with a realty firm, until now. I am passionate about home staging.  I've been in hundreds of homes over the 10 years I have been staging.  But until eXp Realty came to be, [...]

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Slow Sales in a Hot Market?

I saw an article from Trulia, written by Laura Agadoni  and thought of a house I had staged 6 months ago that recently sold.  At first I wondered why it took longer than expected to sell in a hot sellers' market.  It was in a desirable neighborhood and was a newer model with many [...]

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Overcoming Objections to Home Staging

  Check out this article from Tori Toth:     Overcoming Objections: 4 Savvy Seller Mindsets to Adopt When Selling a Home by Tori Toth | U.S.News & World Report –  Nov 2016    Selling Objection No. 1: No Need Sometimes a home seller's beliefs are different from reality. Rather than follow the advice of an expert, sellers [...]

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