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Senior Housing Staging

One of the main reasons older adults move into retirement communities is for a greater sense of security and peace of mind. Retirement communities offer such features as emergency call buttons in bedrooms and bathrooms, ADA-compliant living areas, and onsite security staff. Staging a senior living community means sturdy furniture, no area rugs, no sharp [...]

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Retirement Community Staging

After two successful stagings by Premiere Stagers & Realty (formerly Premiere Home Stagers) at Middleton Glen Retirement Community, there was one unit left to sell. This two-bedroom unit was quite large and, thus, was a little more expensive.  The director knew it was likely to sell faster if it was staged.  It is difficult [...]

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Moving the Model

Sold in 10 days! Last month, Premiere Home Stagers staged a model unit in an assisted living complex.  This unit had sat empty for 10 months.  The retirement living advisor asked her supervisor if they could hire a stager. The supervisor wasn't too keen on the idea, but thought it was worth a try. [...]

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Retirement Community Apartment Staging

Due to the Baby Boomer generation being retirement age and perhaps needing some extra help, retirement communities are being built to fill a need.  This apartment was one of the last to be sold.  The sales director asked Premiere Home Stagers to stage it with the hopes it would sell quickly. Because of [...]

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De-Stage in January?

Office Premiere Home Stagers staged a former storage area into this office a few months ago.  Increasing useable square footage increases your chances of a sale.  The condo sold in late December and was de-staged in early January.   Living Room Premiere Home Stagers staged this model unit in a retirement home to increase [...]

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Staging an Assisted Living Facility

The baby boomer generation is in their retirement years. For many, that means moving out of their larger home into an assisted living community.  Most are not quite ready for nursing home care, but they need some assistance.  Staging a vacant unit allows the prospective occupant to compare the size and scale so that they [...]

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