Semi-Vacant Staging

This House Sold Fast!

Houses sell in Wisconsin throughout the year, however, winter can be especially tough.  This winter, however, was relatively mild as compared to other years.  Premiere Home Stagers was asked in late January to stage this property. The homeowner needed to leave the state for a new job.  He hired a "flat-fee" real estate [...]

This House Sold Fast!2017-02-26T14:47:52-06:00

Home Staging a Downtown House

Housing in the downtown area of Madison, WI is a mix of rental houses, apartment buildings, condominiums, and single-family homeowners.  The homeowner of this house had a job opportunity out-of-state and needed to vacate his house rather quickly.  Luckily, two members of his family stepped in to help with the dispersal of items, the [...]

Home Staging a Downtown House2017-01-30T17:22:22-06:00
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