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Home Stagers on Vacation

  Needing a break from the Wisconsin cloudy and cool weather, we decided on a get-away to Florida for the week. Condo Rental We usually stay at Orange Lake Resorts in Orlando. In the last couple of years, resort management has updated the units from a blue tropical color scheme to a black [...]

Home Stagers on Vacation2017-01-17T16:29:46-06:00

When the Staging Client is Right

  Home stagers have expertise at sizing up vacant rooms and placing furniture and accessories where they will provide the most impact and make an emotional connection to a buyer. In the vacant staging Premiere Home Stagers recently completed, notice the small round table in between the two easy chairs.  I chose this table to reflect [...]

When the Staging Client is Right2017-01-17T16:35:25-06:00

Home Stagers Convention (RESA)

Real Estate Staging Association Convention Joining your trade association is usually a very good idea.  The trade association for home stagers is the "Real Estate Staging Association" or RESA.  Even though I have been staging homes since 2008, I always learn something from attending the conventions.   Networking: Home stagers are generous people.  [...]

Home Stagers Convention (RESA)2017-01-17T16:37:25-06:00

Different Levels of Home Staging

  Did you know there are different levels of vacant home staging?  Each property may have legitimate reasons for using one of these levels.  For example, what I would call "Level I" staging is called "Vignette Staging."  This is where a stager would set up vignettes in each room, but very little to no furniture. [...]

Different Levels of Home Staging2017-01-17T16:45:22-06:00

Home Staging Photos

Living Room After spending a good deal of time staging a vacant house, you'll want your pictures to reflect your good work.  In this condo, the owner stayed and watched me stage her place, moving from one chair to another. I don't mind if the owner stays, but she wanted to engage in conversation, which [...]

Home Staging Photos2017-01-17T16:46:25-06:00

Re-Design Mistakes

  Premiere Home Stagers receives requests for re-designs from time-to-time.  We love doing re-designs as an alternative to home staging.  A re-design means the homeowner is NOT selling their house, but wants a more cohesive, "put-together" look.  They know it just doesn't "feel right," but don't know how to make it better.     For one client, [...]

Re-Design Mistakes2017-01-17T16:49:38-06:00

Keep a Home Staged through the Appraisal

Living Room Premiere Home Stagers staged this property 60 days ago. When our 60-day contract expires, we offer a monthly furniture rental fee of $10 or $12 per day, depending upon the amount of furniture.  This homeowner decided not to continue with a monthly rental fee, so this property was de-staged. Best times [...]

Keep a Home Staged through the Appraisal2017-02-11T09:31:33-06:00

Lighten Up!

Premiere Home Stagers went to an occupied consultation recently.  The 1179 sq.ft house faced north. The front door opened directly into the living room.  A puffy green sofa and love-seat, plus a heavy slate coffee table and 2 end tables took up the entire living room. The paint on one side of the living room was dark red. The other side had pine [...]

Lighten Up!2017-02-17T10:12:27-06:00

Condo Resale Value

Condos typically cost more to own than similar-sized single family homes. Condo fees, due to maintenance and special assessments, are subject to increases over time that raise your financial burden. Condo Living Room More than half of condo owners move out within six years.  In contrast, less than 1/3 of single family residents move within six years.  [...]

Condo Resale Value2017-02-17T10:13:15-06:00

Staging an Open Concept Home

Living Room Staging an open concept floor plan in a vacant house can be challenging.  Perhaps it is why this vacant house has been on the market for a while. It is difficult for people to visualize where their furniture should go when there are few walls.   Living Room The idea [...]

Staging an Open Concept Home2017-02-17T10:15:24-06:00
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