Home Staging for Rentals

A lot of people know staged homes sell faster and for more money than unstaged homes.  But are you aware that staging a rental property enhances its features and may potentially rent quicker than vacant rentals?  Premiere Stagers and Realty recently staged two rental properties to get ready for the spring market. Most people [...]

Home Staging for Rentals2020-03-10T15:27:57-05:00

Home Staging a Rental Townhouse

Premiere Stagers & Realty rarely stages rental units, usually because they get rented quickly in Madison, WI.  In this case, however, the rental agents were not quickly renting out their 3-bedroom townhouses. Townhouses are such a great idea for young families, roommates, students, or people wanting more privacy than a typical apartment.  This townhouse [...]

Home Staging a Rental Townhouse2018-09-05T18:13:46-05:00

Vacant Staging a Condo Townhouse

The homeowner used this condo townhouse as an interim place to live. It is back on the market in less than a year.  She wanted to get most of her investment back, so the likely thing to do is to stage it.  She called Premiere Home Stagers to make that happen. Living Room Before [...]

Vacant Staging a Condo Townhouse2017-02-17T10:31:15-06:00
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