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My Grandmother’s Door in Sicily

I recently returned from a Solo Tour of Sicily.  I arrived a day early to visit relatives of my Grandmother who immigrated to America in 1914.  I never knew if my Grandmother had siblings left behind in Piana degli Albanesi, Sicily.  Due to and Facebook, plus other relatives, I was able to meet [...]

My Grandmother’s Door in Sicily2022-09-19T15:40:56-05:00

Southwest Living Style

Our family recently traveled to Tucson, Arizona for a vacation. Not only was the climate different from Wisconsin, but the housing and landscaping was as well. Some years ago, there was a decorating style called "Southwest." Wall paint colors were rusts, yellows, browns, and turquoise. These colors work well in the desert, but I am [...]

Southwest Living Style2022-06-05T22:04:40-05:00

Home Stagers on Vacation

  Needing a break from the Wisconsin cloudy and cool weather, we decided on a get-away to Florida for the week. Condo Rental We usually stay at Orange Lake Resorts in Orlando. In the last couple of years, resort management has updated the units from a blue tropical color scheme to a black [...]

Home Stagers on Vacation2017-01-17T16:29:46-06:00
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