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Down-sizing to a 1-Bedroom Unit

Do you really need all that stuff?  During our working years, most people accumulate things like clothes, the latest technology or  culinary gadgets, household tools, souvenirs, and trinkets.  As we age, we work less and believe relationships are more important than things--especially during the COVID years when being with others was limited.  You eventually [...]

Down-sizing to a 1-Bedroom Unit2022-11-11T13:51:26-06:00

Vacant Staging Times Two

Premiere Stagers & Realty staged a vacant house in an Oregon, Wisconsin subdivision. It had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a family room, a nice-sized fenced-in backyard, a two-car garage and an unfinished full basement.  It sold within days of listing. The Seller said they had another vacant house coming on the market, [...]

Vacant Staging Times Two2021-11-26T18:14:45-06:00

Vacant Staging Adds Money to Your Pocket

"Absolutely Beautiful" These were the words my client emailed me after I finished staging her vacant property.  I thought so too, but until someone else affirms it, you're never quite sure you "hit the mark." My client realizes in order to get top dollar, people need to make an emotional connection.   Staging helps them [...]

Vacant Staging Adds Money to Your Pocket2021-10-04T13:35:12-05:00

Four Square Staging

Mid August is when students of the University of Wisconsin move into and/or out of housing near the University. The homeowner of this old style house decided to list the house after the tenants moved out.  The owner knew the importance of cleaning, repairing, and painting before calling Premiere Stagers & Realty. Location, Location, [...]

Four Square Staging2021-08-20T14:58:26-05:00

Vacant Staging = Over-Asking

I recently worked with an investor couple on staging their vacant income property.  They knew they could get more money for the property if it was staged rather than left vacant.  However, we were surprised just how much over-list price an Offer came in at.  Yes, it is still a Seller's market, which means [...]

Vacant Staging = Over-Asking2021-04-07T13:27:46-05:00

Senior Housing Staging

One of the main reasons older adults move into retirement communities is for a greater sense of security and peace of mind. Retirement communities offer such features as emergency call buttons in bedrooms and bathrooms, ADA-compliant living areas, and onsite security staff. Staging a senior living community means sturdy furniture, no area rugs, no sharp [...]

Senior Housing Staging2020-11-11T16:22:36-06:00

From Staged to Sold in 4 Days

This house needed to be sold to settle an estate.  However, it was FULL of personal belongings and not ready to list.  Luckily, a relative took a week out of their schedule to order a dumpster and box up items he thought some other relatives would appreciate.  Then, after a thorough cleaning, Premiere Stagers [...]

From Staged to Sold in 4 Days2020-09-14T13:53:09-05:00

Parade Home Staging

Madison Area Builders Association Parade of Homes (June, 2020) Premiere Stagers & Realty usually doesn't stage Parade Homes.  Why?  Because I do staging, not interior design.  What's the difference?  An interior designer chooses a particular demographic such as a family, an urban couple, adults over 55, a single young professional, etc., and then inserts [...]

Parade Home Staging2020-06-23T13:17:20-05:00

A Tale of Two Condos

Two vacant condos were recently staged by Premiere Stagers & Realty. 49 Cherokee Cir #104, Madison, WI  53704 The first one got on the market right before the "Stay-At-Home" state orders went into effect.  It is located in a large complex (168 units) with a pool and underground parking.  The demographic is mostly middle-age [...]

A Tale of Two Condos2020-05-07T13:17:14-05:00

New House on the Block

Within each city, town, village, or county, there are new subdivisions being developed.  In Wisconsin, each governmental body determines their own planning, development, and zoning regulations that are more restrictive than the State statues. The word "subdivision" conjures up a plat of land that contains single-family homes.  However, the word "neighborhood" is defined as [...]

New House on the Block2020-03-20T14:54:15-05:00
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