Overcoming Objections to Home Staging

  Check out this article from Tori Toth:     Overcoming Objections: 4 Savvy Seller Mindsets to Adopt When Selling a Home by Tori Toth | U.S.News & World Report –  Nov 2016    Selling Objection No. 1: No Need Sometimes a home seller's beliefs are different from reality. Rather than follow the advice of an expert, sellers [...]

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Real Estate Market, 2016

  An article from Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist:   1) House prices will continue to rise in the 2016. According to Mark Zandl’s article in last week’s Washington Post, home prices have been moving steadily higher since the housing bust hit bottom 4 years ago and 2016 should post another modest gain of about $4,000 [...]

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20 Hot Home Features

    The 20 Hottest Home Features Right Now Daily Real Estate News | Monday, December 21, 2015   Must-have home features are constantly evolving. After all, just a half century ago, shag carpeting in all hues – gold, orange, and purple – were all “in.” But what’s hot with home owners and buyers now? [...]

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