Curb Appeal

Make your Yard & Home Bug-Free

Be the home on the block that bugs run from. A lush spot for outdoor entertaining? Great. Perfect. A constant swarm of insects that invade your patio and home? No, thank you. Here’s how to keep bugs away from your patio and yard, and from getting inside your house. #1 Install Patio Fans Mosquitos may [...]

Make your Yard & Home Bug-Free2022-04-25T14:37:31-05:00

Don’t Neglect Exterior Curb Appeal

The first impression of any property is its exterior.  Are the windows foggy?  Is the landscaping overgrown?  Is the concrete buckled? On this house, the cedar shakes were deteriorating.  The couple had lived here for 18 years.  Due to a northern climate, over time, freezing and thawing had cracked some of the wood.  Plus, [...]

Don’t Neglect Exterior Curb Appeal2020-12-08T16:06:53-06:00

My Cottage Warehouse

A vacant home stager needs to have an inventory of furniture and accessories.  Stagers in large cities have access to companies that rent out furniture.  Even so, those stagers still need a place to house their accessories, artwork, or furnishings.  There are no rental companies in my city, so my inventory consists of both [...]

My Cottage Warehouse2019-09-17T12:56:03-05:00
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