A vacant home stager needs to have an inventory of furniture and accessories.  Stagers in large cities have access to companies that rent out furniture.  Even so, those stagers still need a place to house their accessories, artwork, or furnishings.  There are no rental companies in my city, so my inventory consists of both furniture and accessories.  But where to store it?

Luckily, adjoining my property was an old cottage that was for sale.  It had sat empty for a few years before I decided to buy it and use as a warehouse.  It took a lot of work to get it where it was acceptable for storing items.

After the brush was cleaned up, we took off the lean-to “garage.”  This gave us access to our backyard as well, making it easier to go between the two properties.  All interior walls and utilities were removed. We also installed a double-door in the rear to accommodate loading up our trailer.

A house was recently built in between my house and the cottage.  Remarks had been made as to what was my intention for this property. Meaning, “it doesn’t look so good next to my newly-built modern house.”  As a home stager, my reputation was in question if I didn’t make the curb appeal better.  So, the exterior was repaired and scraped for primer and new paint.

A little touch of orange on the main door and underneath the window screens add that “little pop of color” that every place or room should have.

I will select a barn quilt for just under the roof vent on the left side.  I think that will make my neighbor happy.

Warehouse Interior

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