Do you really need all that stuff?  During our working years, most people accumulate things like clothes, the latest technology or  culinary gadgets, household tools, souvenirs, and trinkets.  As we age, we work less and believe relationships are more important than things–especially during the COVID years when being with others was limited.  You eventually see you don’t make use of what you have as much as before.

Then you reach your senior years when it’s time to consider downsizing to a more manageable place, whether into a condo or an assisted living facility. You look around your current household and wonder “how in the world do I reduce what I have”?  “What do I keep and what do I remove?”  There are steps you should take long before it becomes necessary.

Of course your budget will determine the location, size, and amenities.  But you’ll still can’t take everything with you.

One-bedroom Perception

Most people do not think they can down-size into a 1-bedroom unit, especially if they have a 3-4 bedroom house.  However, it can be easily done if you focus on what is really important and gives you comfort.  For some, it is a cherished heirloom, for others, it is their photo albums.

This is a one-bedroom unit in an assisted living facility.  The facility is located within walking distance to the  grocery store,  bank,  coffee shop, a couple of small restaurants, and a nail salon. There are nature trails at the end of the street to meet up with a walking buddy or just get some fresh air and exercise.

The facility has had a harder time occupying this unit because the perception is it’s too small even for one person.  So Premiere Stagers & Realty was called in to make it more enticing.

More Enticing

The chaise portion of the sectional is position next to the balcony slider as it overlooks a hill with trees. Or, a sleeper sofa might be helpful for those occasional guests.

A TV could be placed on this wall anchored by a lower shelving unit or cabinet. There is a direct pathway to the sliding balcony door for some fresh air.

Everything you Need

The full-size kitchen has full-size appliances.  You can choose to cook your meals or head to the dining area for prepared meals. The table folds out to accommodate seating for four should there be guests.

The bedroom is large enough for a queen or king-size bed.  The closet organizer will store all your clothes, shoes, and accessories.  A TV could be placed on a dresser or wall-hung for late night viewing.

A walk-in shower has a low threshold and is large enough for a shower chair, if needed.  The stacked washer/dryer fits in an alcove (seen in mirror).

Steps to Downsize

The first step to take when downsizing is to remove your emotional attachment to things.  Go room-by-room and declutter.  Some items will be thrown away, some donated to either charities or relatives/friends, and some items will be forever treasured.  But it’s you who gets to decide.

There are organizations that can help you if it is overwhelming.  One organization is Moving Forward Wisconsin   Each state will have similar organizations.

No matter where you are in your stage of life, there are many people around the world whose living conditions are minimal.  It’s the quality of your life, not the quantity.  Enjoy your best life!

–Premiere Stagers & Realty (Gina Newell);  608-345-9396