Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern farmhouse combines the lines of contemporary design with cozy accents to create a modern, fresh take on the country-living inspired style. Modern farmhouse style is known for its neutral palette and characterized by natural textures such as puffy cotton or linens, and materials like wood or galvanized steel.

Apparently it is the new look in home styles.  Premiere Stagers & Realty was asked to stage a newly-built farmhouse style house.  I had to educate myself first on what the difference is between farmhouse and country.  If you have ever seen the HGTV show, “Fixer-Upper” with Chip and Joanna Gaines, you have seen the farmhouse style:  white shiplap, wood floors, black accents, metal roofs.  Whereas the country-style has muted colors, flannel, woolens, rustic, and primitive accents.


The trades were finishing up their respective punch list items and the cleaning people were cleaning just ahead of my staging.  Therefore, in my photos you can see the plastic on the windows and some cleaning supplies scattered about.  Professional photos were scheduled for the next day.


The office is around the corner from the front door and visible to the great room.  The horizontal white ship lap is nailed tight together.  Since the builder did not want nail holes, we found a knot in the ship lap where I hung the large red star.

Master Bedroom

I just couldn’t leave without some kind of hanging wall art here in the master bedroom (and also in the powder room). I used various ideas on the main level such as shelving, a corner piece, and foliage to soften the hard surfaces.  But here in the upstairs master bedroom, I decided one piece of wall art was needed.

After doing some online research as to what other stagers do when asked not to hang wall art, I came across a product called “monkey hooks,” because the wire looks like a monkey’s tail.  The thin wire is pushed into the drywall and then turned so that the tail hits the inside of the drywall. When removing, you twist the hook to release the “tail” and pull out.  Click on the link HERE.

Because the wire is thin, it leaves just a tiny hole that can be left as is, or dabbed with just a bit of spackle.

They are available at the big box hardware stores, sometimes under a different trade name.

Image result for monkey hooks

Image result for monkey hooks


I love this feature when coming inside from the garage.  Every family needs a place to hang their backpack, their jacket, and store their dirty shoes underneath.  Baskets were placed into the upper cubbies, but since this area needed some touch-up paint, I wasn’t able to show you an “after” photo.

Dining Area

The formal dining room is no longer an option in most newly-built homes.  It is what millennials and gen-Xers say they can do without.  People want an “open concept” way of living which gives them options as to how they use the space.  This dining area is in between the kitchen and living area.  The table can be placed either horizontally or vertically within the area.  It can also be expanded when hosting holiday meals or larger gatherings.

Furniture Layout

The builder told me the potential buyers he had come through before staging could not visualize where the furniture should go.  People are used to having walls to place furniture against.  After the staging, the vacant house “suddenly” became cozy, comfortable, and warm.  An emotional connection could now be made due to the colors, textures, patterns, and furniture layout.  I am guessing this house won’t be long on the market.

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