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Staging an Estate

The Executor A person's relative passed away and she was designated the executor of the estate.  What does that mean?  An executor distributes the deceased person's property and arranges for payment of estate debts and expenses. Specific duties include: choosing the type of probate, filing the will for probate, setting up an account for [...]

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How to Conduct an Estate Sale

The first step is to contact a few reputable auction and estate sale companies.  Ask about their terms and how they run their business. Most will have a detailed contract that lists what they will do for you as well as their commission and minimum price to conduct a sale. The second step is [...]

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Estate Sale v. Estate Auction

Sale v. Auction Average prices at an Estate Sale:  About 30% plus everything marked with too low a price will be sold. About 50% will be sold at discounted prices. About 20% will need to be disposed of or given away. 0% will be sold for more than it is marked. Average prices at [...]

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Home Staging Adjustments

Settling an Estate Settling an estate is a lengthy process.  The house sat empty for months waiting until legal procedures were properly executed.  Luckily, the bank trustee requested the house be staged in order to recoup as much as possible.  Landscaping was done, the carpets cleaned, and the house cleaned, but painting [...]

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Selling the Estate

  Being a home stager, I recommend most houses be staged.  However, some houses buck that trend.  For example, this house is being sold by the personal representative of the former homeowner who passed away. Living room The representative and other relatives had the daunting task of removing all the furniture and personal items [...]

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