This is a busy time of year as we prepare our homes and ourselves for a season of sharing.  I would like to take a moment to share some of the sights I’ve recently experienced and thought inspiring.

Decorative Snowflakes

These huge snowflakes hung from the lobby of a hotel in Las Vegas.  Notice the many different shapes of snowflakes–like in nature.


This white peacock caught my eye with its simplicity and elegance in a store front window.

White Peacock

The way this store displays its wares is tempting to passersby. An analogy to home staging can be made….the more enticing your home is displayed, the more likely a prospective buyer will put in an offer.

The Pink Slipper

La Tour d’Eiffel

Every woman’s dream is to have a pair of shoes just for fun.  Luckily this shoe is not my size.

A trip to Paris is not necessary to see the Eiffel Tower–well, actually a replica.

You can even take the elevator up to the observation area.







This was such an unusual piece for the garden. I believe it represents the four seasons.  Note the large climbing frogs on the wall.

Something for the Garden

We have enjoyed relaying our observations and sharing our insights with you in 2012.  We strive to provide you with the most relevant, interesting aspects of home staging and redesign. It truly is our passion— one that we would love to share with you!

  Premiere Home Stagers wishes you the happiest of holidays.