Premiere Home Stagers takes a look back at 2012 and looks forward to 2013.

Home Office

This was the first challenge of 2012.  Because this room is positioned near the front door, it had to be pristine. After removing some of the hard items and adding some softer items, this home sold.

Dark Family Room

The family room was too dark and the furniture was poorly positioned.  Premiere Home Stagers had several recommendations to lighten up the room and re-position the furniture.  However, the homeowner was not inclined to follow our advice.  Therefore, this house did not sell.

Seaside Living Room

This home is beautiful, especially when the sun shines over the lake just beyond the patio doors.  After some minor tweaks, this home sold right away.

Attic Bedroom

The attic bedroom is a perfect get-away for teen-agers or a guest room.  It’s a great way to gain more space in a smaller bungalow.  Because this house was as cute as a button, Premiere Home Stagers staged this occupied house and it sold within a couple of weeks.

Stairwell Vine

Premiere Home Stagers consulted on a house that will be put up for sale this spring.  The homeowners wisely enlisted our help to determine whether custom artwork like this should be painted over.  We felt this vine could stay, but recommended other wall art should be removed.

Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is large but the heavy, dark furniture is all on one side of the room. We recommended re-balancing the pieces by moving the bed and interchanging the hard pieces with some softer items.  We know change can be difficult for some homeowners, but we believe that our recommendations will make the space more comfortable and “feel” right.

Let Premiere Home Stagers be involved with your New Year’s resolution of getting your house in the right shape.  We will be performing some workshops on staging and design in the Madison, WI area–DeForest, Sun Prairie, and McFarland.  Call us for details.  608-345-9396.