Premiere Home Stagers led a workshop last week in which a participant asked why everyone wants to see color on the walls.  Well, we think white is just as nice as a color, depending upon the mood or feeling you want to accomplish.

Main Bathroom

These homeowners love a white-on-white scheme. This is especially practical in a bathroom where the fixtures are semi-permanent.  However, what makes it stunning is the use of marble tile on the floor and shower floor, plus the clean, sleek white tiles on the bathtub and shower wall.  The other walls are painted a very light grey.

The homeowners kept this look going throughout their home.  This first floor powder room is a shower as well as a bathroom.  The ceiling rain-shower head flows directly onto the contoured floor and into the drain.

Powder room

The same white look occurs in the kitchen. The backsplash will get a marbled tile to help with stove spills. Notice how the angled outlets are directly below the cabinets on strips, so the backsplash tile will not be interrupted with outlets or switches. A keen idea!

Stacked laundry in

Another keen idea is to have your stacked washer and dryer inside the master bedroom closet.  The safety and protection of water leakage is much better than years previously because of PEX lines and automatic shut-offs.

White can be used in large quantities on walls, cabinets, and tile because white is timeless.  It is far easier to change out accessories in colors you love rather than change more permanent features.


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