Over the last month we have had the opportunity to present two home decor workshops at local public libraries.

First and foremost a service to our communities, these presentations also afforded us the privilege of meeting potential clients and reconnecting with former ones.

Preparing for these programs is energizing.  Presenting them is fun and reminds us that we are passionate about helping people love where they live.



Fresh ideas for home decor are best presented 3-dimensionally.  We used a few power point slides but brought in fabric swatches, accessories and a furniture vignette.

We talked about color and design principles and how to use them in creating a new look.  We gave practical advice for how to select the right shade of paint for your home.





We demonstrated how to successfully use and group accessories.  We divulged our favorite home decor sources and some of the best tools of our trade.

Participants were able to ask questions during and after the presentation.  Some related the design dilemmas of their own homes.  Others wanted to know about current trends in home decor.


Our mission was to educate and inspire those attending.  We really do want people to love where they live!