Minimalists (being or providing a bare minimum of what is necessary) don’t like having “things” get in the way of clean thinking. However, sometimes a room can appear to be “lifeless,” without any “soul,” if you will.

There are a number of people who think that a monochromatic style looks elegant.  If it is done correctly, that certainly is true.  If it feels right to you, it doesn’t make any difference what anyone else says about what your space looks like.  However, if you’re wanting a bit more warmth, here are some ideas:

1.  Add something you truly cherish in the room. The emotional feeling of that treasured piece warms up the room.

2.  Add your personality.  The dining room walls were painted a dark color; however, the draperies could be a bolder color or pattern.  The family photos are too small to be significant.  Enlarge a few  and hang them in matching frames.


3.  Add some pops of color. Even with a black and white scheme, some of the countertop appliances,  canisters, or utensils could be lime green or red.

4.  Add some texture.  The tiled wall in this laundry room does have a textured pattern. The sticks in the vase add some interest.

5.  Add some nature.  The granite countertop complements the glass tiled wall–both are natural substances.  Add some fruit and wine to visualize a place to stop and take a break.

One doesn’t need to add much stuff to add warmth; it can be a couple of interesting pillows or a vase of flowers.  Premiere Home Stagers rarely see homes in the minimalist style.  However, when they are on the market, it is necessary to follow our tips in order to evoke an emotional connection.  Most people have too much stuff, but how it is organized makes all the difference.

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