This was the view that greeted me each morning on a recent trip to southern California.  The grass, flowers, warmth and sunshine were a welcome escape from winter.

This area is known for its spanish style architecture evidenced by the terra cotta tile patio.  But I loved how often the tile motif was repeated around the resort.



Rooms were identified by lettered and numbered tiles.


The stairs leading to an elevated patio area boasted of a different tile pattern on each step.  The effect was alluring.




Even the stairways in less prominent areas adhered to the multi-patterned design.  The attention to detail was remarkable.





A secluded fountain is a charming continuation of the tile motif.


This type of decorative repetition is what creates a cohesive look   — whether in a California resort or in a Wisconsin home.  At Premiere Home Stagers our clients often call us to help their home look “pulled together.”   We suggest colors, furnishings and accessories that accomplish this goal.

I enjoyed spending time in a place where someone else sought to accomplish the same thing.