Premiere Home Stagers led three different presentations on home staging, redesign, and decorating dilemmas recently at three area libraries.  If you’d like us to present at your library, please contact us.

Library Presentation

Some of the items discussed included:  a)  Finding your style; b) Using the color wheel; c) Texture and patterns;  d) Accessories

Some design dilemmas discussed:

1.  Furniture placement

A traffic pattern interrupts any conversation grouping in the before photo.  Premiere Home Stagers turned the sofa to the short wall and drew in a comfy chair to form a conversation group. The area rug is anchored by the coffee table.












  2.  Focal Point

Decide what the focal point will be and then enhance it.  In this home, the fireplace is definitely the focal point.  Notice how it becomes more dramatic with the colorful glassware and comfy chairs around it.












 3.  Color Thread

To get that “pulled-together” look, have a particular color “thread” through your house. In some rooms it may be the dominant color, in other rooms, it may be an accent or accessory color.



Color Thread









Premiere Home Stagers would be happy to help you with  your design dilemmas.  We would love to make your home feel right for you.  Call 608-345-9396 today.