I love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?  This month I attended a beautiful wedding held in a forest preserve in suburban Chicago.  I parked my car in a field and was directed down a limestone path by signs like this.

Immediately I felt transported out of the suburbs and into the country.  The effect was magical.  Fenced horse pastures and stables were part of the landscape as I strolled along.



The ceremony was held in a meadow where the trees provided a canopy of shade.  The groom had built an arbor out of saplings as the backdrop for the vows.  The beauty of the setting rivaled any cathedral.


Reception guests were greeted by the sound of cascading water from the dolphin fountain in the middle of the picnic pavilion.



Picnic tables were clothed with white linen and trimmed with burlap in keeping with the country theme.





Mason jars with bouquets of assorted flowers adorned each table.  The arrangements were reminiscent of a fresh-cut garden bouquet.  Guests were invited to take one home as they left.  Mine brightened my kitchen for another week and was a happy reminder of this lovely event.


Even the beverages were served in a unique way.  Each guest chose their own Mason jar, wrote their name on the tag attached and filled it with the beverage of their choice.


This wedding will stand out in my mind as one uniquely suited to the bride and groom.  The country theme was creatively and tastefully woven throughout every aspect of the day.  What a privilege to have been a guest!