Even though a homeowner might love the neighborhood, they might not be in love with their house. Such is the case with these homeowners. They contemplated looking for a different house in the same area.  After looking through the real estate listings and talking with their city appraiser, they realized they had the least expensive house in the subdivision. That means they can put significant dollars into a remodel and still not be over-pricing themselves.

Side View

So how does a homeowner start the remodel process?

The first step is figuring out what you would love to change.  The next step is finding out if it’s within your budget.

Go back to step one and realistically figure out what you need to change.

For the first floor, the homeowners needed a powder room, a kitchen pantry, and a multi-use space (office, guest room, playroom). The second level would include a master bedroom ensuite.   In addition, the current second floor bathroom needs to be remodeled.



Upstairs Bathroom

Right now, there is only one bathroom and it’s upstairs. It’s a pretty tight space because of two things:  1)  your knees hit the tub when using the toilet; and 2) you can’t raise both arms to wash your hair when taking a shower because of the angled ceiling.

Rear View

Notice the white roof dormer on the upper left.  That bump out is a bedroom closet.  There is no bump out on the right side where the bathroom is, which makes it a tight space.

After the first draft is sketched out, it’s time to check in with your lender.

The next step is contacting your local governmental unit to verify their building codes and setback requirements.  No sense paying someone to draw up a plan until you know the rules.

First Draft

Then take your sketch to a  design/build firm. Premiere Home Stagers recommends a design/build firm because builders visualize how they would build the design in the most cost-effective manner. Thus the products and materials they specify are reasonably-priced and time-tested. A design/build firm will ask their subcontractors for a cost estimate and then give you a ballpark proposal.

Then it is up to the homeowner to specify products and materials on allowance items like flooring, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry/countertops, closet organizers, etc.

Premiere Home Stagers will guide you through the myriad of choices.  Not only do we consult on interior furnishings and fixtures, but also on exterior features such as window placement, siding choices, and door selections. Allow yourself enough time to contemplate your choices.

The last step in the pre-build process is to decide on the final plan and specification sheet. After the builder writes up a final proposal, he will offer a contract and an estimated start date.

Premiere Home Stagers can help you through the remodel process with relative ease because we will ask you the right questions. Call 608-345-9396 for more information.