Premiere Home Stagers’ statistics hold true that staged homes sell faster than un-staged homes and for more money—even if you want to “test the market” and sell it yourself.  However, we do recommend you use your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Kitchen Dining Before

It is unlikely you will save money by avoiding the services of a professional, certified home stager who will stage and take photos for your online listing.

The cost of home staging is WAY less than your first price reduction! Plus, who wants to show your house for MANY more times than you bargained for.


This homeowner was a skeptic. He thought since his two neighbors’ houses hadn’t sold in many months, his house would also lag behind. He had shown the house a couple of times before calling Premiere Home Stagers, but couldn’t figure out why prospective buyers didn’t find it as appealing as he did.

Kitchen Dining After

But we knew why.  His furniture and accessories were not in the best positions. For example, he had put the sofa in a “barrier” position. When people walked in the front door, they were reluctant to go into the living room and envision themselves living there.  It didn’t feel right, there was no emotional connection.

Living Room Before


We repositioned the furniture and brought in some additional items. Everyone who viewed it said it was absolutely beautiful. The homeowner received two good offers and accepted one within 30 days.

Living Room After

His neighbors’ houses are still on the market.  Why?  Because everyone starts their search online. If your photos do not reflect how beautiful your house is, no one will want to offer what you would like to sell it for.

He is now moved into his next house. Premiere Home Stagers will set up his current house so it feels right for him.  That’s what we do…..make people comfortable in their homes.  Please call Premiere Home Stagers to make your house feel just right for you.  608-345-9396.