Have you ever wondered why turquoise is a hot color this year?  Who decides that?  How do retailers know what to stock?


Last evening I had the privilege of attending a seminar on trend forecasting.  The speaker was Victoria Redshaw, a leading expert in this industry and an excellent presenter.  The seminar was hosted by Nonn’s Design Showplace in Madison, WI.




Victoria founded Scarlet Opus, a trend forecasting agency based in the U.K.  She led us through the process of determining what colors, styles  and design features will gain popularity in the next couple of years.

This work has an artistic dimension, as one would imagine, but is also technical in nature.  Trends from the previous season are analyzed.  Current events are reviewed and charted.  Then painstaking research is done across the globe to take into account future planned events and how they may impact trends.

The data is mapped out on spreadsheets and the analysis begins.  Styles, colors, patterns and textures emerge as the next season’s hottest items.


In our business of home staging and redesign we don’t often find ourselves on the cutting edge of a new trend.  We can, however, assist clients in implementing a new look in their home decor.  The more permanent the change, the more careful we are in advising toward looks that will endure for years to come.



I have a fresh respect for and understanding of the technical science behind the home decor fashions I work with every day.  I am looking forward to seeing Victoria’s predictions for 2014 appear on the retail shelves.