Curb Appeal?

A recent trip to Liberia, Africa brought perspective to my life in many ways.  As a home stager, the sight of this property offered for lease brought a smile to my face.  At Premiere Home Stagers we are passionate about maximizing the appeal of every home to any buyer.


Any realtor in the US would wince at this advertisement spray-painted on the side of the home.  I’m afraid the inside wouldn’t be much more appealing.




New Construction


This home is a great example of middle class new construction in Liberia.  It is a pay-as-you-go venture–no mortgage company involved here.  Eventually, when the owners can afford it, the house will be painted.  There is no electricity or running water.  The covered porch is where food will be prepared over a charcoal fire.

At dusk a battery-powered light was placed on the table and we guests continued talking in the dimness.  I was grateful for the hospitality offered in such humble circumstances.


Home to a Family of Three


Slightly farther out of Monrovia, housing became more primitive.  This is home to a widower and his two elementary school-aged children.

He is a teacher at the school where his children attend, located just outside his front door.  Needless to say, no electricity or running water here.






So, as Thanksgiving approaches, my heart swells with gratitude to God for the simplest things — a warm shower, heat, electric light — as well as the blessing of family relationships.   As we gather this week to express thanks and to overindulge in food, I don’t want to lose the perspective gained from the cross-cultural experience I’ve just had.