One of the services Premiere Home Stagers offers is a review of your remodeling or building plans.  We have experience working with a local remodeler who understands the process of specifying products and building materials before construction begins.

These homeowners wish to build a two-story addition onto the rear of their house.  Where to start?  They start by having a wish list—items that they absolutely want and items that would be nice to have.  They talk with their bank and get a survey done. They then hire a designer or architect to compose building plans. This is where Premiere Home Stagers can help.  They need to choose materials before a company can give them a ballpark quote.  The designer can even place your furniture into each room so you have an idea of size and scale and show it to you in 3-D.

They then cross-referenced NARI members with Angie’s list and talked to several companies until they found a good fit both financially and congenially.


The most important part of the process is taking the time to think about how you want the space to function for you.  Obviously, it’s much easier to change things on paper than during construction.

The new addition will be accessible where the open window is now.  The stairway will be lengthened to remove the two steps, which means the closet will get shortened.  (Another closet will be built near the back door.)


Let Premiere Home Stagers view your plans before remodeling.  We will ask important questions to maximize the efficiency and value of your home.  Call 608-345-9396.