Vacant Dining Room

Premiere Home Stagers knows that staged houses sell quickly and for more money than vacant houses.  So why do people “test the market”  by not staging their vacant house?   The seller has already lost the prospective buyer that might have been receptive to the house had they known where to put their furniture.  Remember, only 10% of the population can visualize the size and scale of an empty room.

After 7 months on the market and various price deductions, Premiere Home Stagers was called in for staging.  A new season of buyers have just begun their house-hunting.  This time, the seller has done all they can to maximize the sale of their house.

The cost of not staging your house is more than you might think.  You need to add up the mortgage payments, the property tax payments, utilities, and upkeep costs while you are also paying for your new house.  Home Staging is much less than your first price reduction and less than a month’s mortgage & tax payment.

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