The homeowner retired and now would like to tackle all the home projects she hasn’t had time for before.  But, where to begin?  The job seemed monumental to her.  Good idea she called for help…..Premiere Home Stagers to the rescue.


We first start with a master plan.  Since all of the rooms need updating, we need to set priorities versus wishes. Window replacement is top priority due to leakage and energy loss.  Next is deciding how she uses each room and what pieces she would like to keep.  Each room needs a focal point and a purpose.



The family room seems gloomy with the dark-stained cedar rough-hewn paneling.  We think the cedar should either be painted or replaced with drywall to lighten it up.  A different mantle, new carpeting and furniture are good investments.  We are mindful of her comfort and resale value when suggesting changes.  Even though the homeowner loves burgundy and purple, we can give her these colors in the artwork and accessories, rather than wall color or carpeting.



Premiere Home Stagers suggested removing the window to the right of the dresser in this master bedroom to position the bed there.  Right now, the bed floats in the room, but it should be anchored. There is no aesthetic need for this window as it faces a front patio. Plus, because the windows are to be replaced anyway, the price of a new window would off-set the cost of siding and drywall.


We gave the homeowner a list of recommendations and will help with the selection process and scheduling of subcontractors.  Home remodeling or redesign projects don’t have to be scary.  We’re with you all the way.  Give us a call at 608-345-9396 and see what we can do for you.