Occasionally, Premiere Home Stagers get asked to help with remodeling specifications such as paint colors, lighting fixtures, flooring, furniture layout, or home design.



During this remodeling project, the homeowners selected the paint color for their new two-story addition.  This spring they will paint the remaining sideboards the same color.  They love the bright blue and wanted their house to stand out from amongst their neighbors.



During a kitchen remodel, the homeowners knew they needed some organization. The kitchen designer incorporated some mail slots to the right of the kitchen instead of a flat surface.  You can see the organizational difference between the left side of the refrigerator and the right side.



Sometimes it is difficult during a bathroom remodel to hang a shower curtain when there is a sloped roofline.  The remodeling crew came up with a perfect solution. They inserted an elbow and then attached the end to the wall.  The skylight opens outward and doesn’t interfere with the shower curtain.



After the backsplash was chosen and installed to the homeowner’s specifications, the homeowner did not like the placement of the small black tile liner because the electrical plates interfered with having a continuous line. The tile was removed and replaced shortly after installation.


There are lots of things to think about when remodeling.  Premiere Home Stagers regularly works with local contractors and remodelers to guide the specification process.  We have experience in optimizing your space so it feels right for you.  Why not get some help so you won’t be disappointed and wish you would have done things differently.  Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608.345.9396