The phone has been ringing all week at Premiere Home Stagers — realtors and homeowners alike inquiring about staging their vacant listings.  The rush is on to sell these properties before school starts.

We love the opportunity to enhance the marketability of a house by adding carefully selected furniture and accessories.  But two vacant staging projects in one day — what were we thinking?


This vacant living room has had potential buyers scratching their heads wondering how to use the space.  We were challenged as well but have devised a plan that should work beautifully.  This condo is staging project #1.




We begin a vacant staging project by determining who the target buyer is for the listing.  Then we map out the best arrangement for furniture in each space.  We determine the look we hope to create in keeping with the style of the home.  Next the real work begins.

  We “stage” the items that will be used in the home for easy loading.

Because no two staging projects are alike, new items must be purchased to complete our inventory for each home.  We make a list and then head out to our favorite stores to power shop the needed items.

A large trailer is rented and will transport the furnishings to the vacant home.   For our “double staging day” we’ll load each project separately so as not to confuse what goes where.

This seemingly random jumble of furniture and accessories will come together to create a harmonious and attractive space that will encourage buyers to say, “Wow, I could live here!”

We’ll show you the results of double staging day next week.