Each potential home buyer has a uique list of must-haves in a future home.  Their priorities are dictated by lifestyle, family size, budget and other factors.  At Premiere Home Stagers we believe that there are a few items near the top of every buyer’s list.



Clean and well-maintained:  A spotless home is key in attracting buyers.  Cleanliness often equates to well-maintained in a buyer’s mind, so the positive impact of a clean home is doubled.  Removing excess clutter plays into this concept as well.  A buyer’s attention should be pointed to the features of the home not the personal belongings of the occupant.

Spaces that Work:   Buyers often cannot visualize the size and scale of a space, so furniture proportional to that space is essential.  When staging a home we seek to define the function of each area, as well as demonstrating spaciousness.

A Short To-Do List:   Most buyers are not looking for a “project house”.  Things like wallpapered rooms go right on their mental to-do list.  If the list gets too long the buyer moves on to the next listing.  Anticipating what items are cost-effective to undo before listing a home results in a quicker sale.

Some Architectural Interest:   It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as a curved staircase but buyers are attracted to any architectural feature that sets a house apart.

Fireplaces often fill that desire and should be highlighted as the focal point of a room.  Quirky spaces also draw a buyer’s interest and set a house apart.  Few people want to live in the “cookie cutter” home.

This list is not exhaustive, of course.  But it gives a homeowner a starting point for thinking like a potential buyer.  And home staging is all about getting inside the buyer’s mind and anticipating what they want.