It started with that ubiquitous insect, the mosquito.   It seems each summer, depending upon the amount of rain, a bumper crop of mosquitoes hatch and start their feeding.  Apparently there are approximately 3500 different species of mosquitoes.  No wonder it is difficult to sit outside for any length of time without being bitten.


“Enough!” the homeowner said, and started to think about a design for a screen porch. She knew the genie in a bottle wasn’t coming to rid the world of mosquitoes. (My FIRST wish!)


One thing led to another. The porch got bigger due to the landscape boulders being in the way of the support posts. Four skylights were added instead of the original two. A composite decking floor added to the cost. Tongue and groove Douglas Fir ceiling deck is stunning.  Azek trim never needs painting. The trim needed to have a ledge to hold beverages, etc., etc., etc.,


So, because of the small mosquito, the homeowner got the big screen porch of her dreams.  Just in time for winter.



Even a doggie door for Jax.


Thank you to Haver Design and Construction for the design and quality workmanship.