Re-designing a room is done in steps.  A design is the most crucial step. Just like in life, you can’t get to where you are going without a plan.


The next step is determining what is important.  What to keep, what to donate, what to throw away, what do you want the room to feel like.  How does it need to function for you.


The fun part begins when the room starts to take shape.

The old cabinets are removed, the room is painted yellow and gray.  The new cabinets were ordered and now installed.

The countertop measurement will take place this week.  It will wrap around the window to create an office space. A large pantry-type cabinet will be installed to the right of the gray cabinets and will hold upholstery items.

I purchased a sofa on Craig’s List, but I didn’t like that the back cushions were so floppy and dull.  I also found the perfect-sized ottoman someone was discarding. New fabric on each makes each piece perfect!

Re-purposing furniture (or other items) saves landfill space, saves money, and gives me satisfaction.

This side of the craft room is complete.  In a few weeks, the other side will be functional….just in time to host Thanksgiving!


Premiere Home Stagers can help you with your rooms before you welcome your Thanksgiving guests.  But hurry!  608-345-9396.