At the end of each year I’ve been in business, I go over my statistics as to the number of houses staged–both occupied and vacant–and compare it to national statistics.  Every year since 2008, my statistics compare with those across the country.  Staged homes sell faster and for more money than un-staged homes.  Here are some of my favorites:

January – April

  • Surprising for Wisconsin, there were more requests for vacant stagings than ever before.
  • Home sellers called early in the year to get their occupied houses ready for listing
  • To keep up with trends and exchange ideas, I attended the Real Estate Staging Association convention in Las Vegas
  • I took a trip to IKEA in Schaumburg, IL to pick up staging accessories and furniture
  • I joined the Women’s Council of Realtors to network with other realtors
  • I joined the South Central Wisconsin Realtors Association
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May – September

  • The “busy season” for both occupied and vacant houses.  Most sold within my 60-day contract even though some houses had been listed before staging but didn’t sell
  • Some houses sold within the first week-end of being listed
  • Even executive condos on a golf course sold well before the average days on the market for condos
  • Two model condos were staged so that other condos in the complex could be sold
  • I discovered a new home goods store called “At Home” in the Milwaukee area
  • Previous customers requested re-design help for the new residences
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October – December

  • Requests for stagings for vacant houses that did not sell during the busy season
  • Consultations on occupied houses before the holidays
  • Renewal of model condos led to new business from other realtors who viewed the property
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Premiere Home Stagers wishes you and yours a wonderful 2017. We are excited to work with you to either get your house ready to list or to make it more comfortable and efficient for you.  608-345-9396