The Wisconsin housing market ended 2016 with a record-setting year, pushing annual sales to an all-time high and driving prices up well past the pace of inflation, according to the Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA).  Several factors that contributed included low inventory, a solid economy, favorable mortgage rates, and a very low rate of foreclosure.

Last week I gave a consult and a report for a couple who were considering moving into a house from a condo.  They weren’t really thinking they would find something, but they did. They put in an offer with the contingency of selling their condo first.  Their offer was rejected due to the contingency.  Condos take longer to sell than houses. Plus, since their condo wasn’t already on the market, the seller moved on to the next offer.

Living Room


It isn’t enough anymore to clean and de-clutter and call it a day.  You need to make your space as desirable to the next owner as possible.  They need to see themselves living here, so you have to give them a reason to purchase your property over another.

The master bedroom needs to be as inviting as possible.  There are too many pieces of furniture, plus there is no color in this room.  My suggestion was to move the bed under the window because there is no headboard, re-position the dressers, and add some color with a new bedspread and pillows.

A very common thing I see in most homes is the pictures are hung too high, even when the homeowners are of average height.   And, don’t hang small items that can’t be seen from across the room.  Be bold and hang larger-size pictures or make a grouping of smaller items.

Premiere Home Stagers is confident this couple can follow my written report and transform their condo into a “must have.”  It is daunting to put an offer in without a contingency, but perhaps the risk will pay off.  Since statistics say staged homes sell faster and for more money, perhaps the risk won’t be too great.  Call Premiere Home Stagers at 608-345-9396.